Vira Bhava

The accomplished Tantric is often said to move on the Viramarga (path of heroes) which requires Vira Bhava (the pure mood/feeling of the hero). There seems to be some confusion about what exactly Vira Bhava is, what it means, and how it manifests. Often, it is associated with fierce and wrathful aspects that are also frequently misunderstood. A true vira bhava contains all of the bhavas, and the "heroic" manifestation is always in service to the highest principles. Therefore, it is important to understand the true aims and spontaneous intentions behind the bhava in order to have the proper perspective. The Kaula moves and acts for the benefit and liberation of All and it is only when ones heart breaks open in a magnanimous gesture of love and compassion that the True vira bhava can be understood. Without this, any chest beating, lip bumping, wild man routine, just doesn't measure up to the heart of the Vira. These people are just blow hard bullies, and Viras are the bully of the bullies.

The bhava of the Kaula is the bhava of the Ishta. This is speaking about an actuality of experience/realization and should not be used as a justification or defense for self delusion and conceit. We are only speaking about matters in real terms, and cannot account for the multiple means of deceit. So ones bhava and the Ishta Devatas bhava should become One, just as the sadhak and Ishta become One. Bhava is not just a "mood" in the typical sense, but rather a more subtle and unified phenomenon. The fierce or wrathful bhava is provoked by the heart which cannot bear suffering and the wisdom which refuses to capitulate. The bhava mirrors the wrathful aspect of the Deity, and this bhava is not invoked "against" anyone, but rather in service to them -- to the True nature within. It is only from the perspective of the ego (and the various tangents therefrom) that the manifestation appears terrible or worrisome. For many, the wrathful manifestation represents the most compassionate form, as the action which springs forth is ruthlessly efficient and precise.

The Vira bhava to be complete cannot only include fierce bhavas; the sadhak must assimilate all of the bhavas to be truly rounded, and thus to truly embody the Ishta. One must have a sweet bhava which is so tender that it is a naked vulnerability, and a true hero must be willing to stand in this vulnerability. It is not heroic to always impose oneself forcefully, but it is often heroic to take a beating (in subtle terms) and not move from that sweetness. There are playful bhavas which are very important to the humorous and skillful interaction with the world (and the Ishta). There are untouched bhava that are timelessly incorruptible; there are childlike bhavas which are stainless simplicity; there are sensual bhavas which invoke Kama herself ; there are crazy bhavas which break paradigms ; there are bhavas that hide other bhavas… there are too many bhavas to list and bhavas that defy definition. The life of the Vira becomes a bhava, and only then does Vira bhava truly manifest. The true bhava is always heart breaking in it purity and any action which springs therefrom is faultless and without stain.

One is properly introduced to bhava by the Guru and by the Devata. The Guru introduces the devata and the devata introduces their energy and awareness. The Guru exposes the sadhak to the bhavas via the "back door", and the recognition of it depends upon the persons openness and perception. However, whether recognized or not, the sadhak has been exposed to the bhava and like the bija, it remains an active potential. While the Guru can certainly convey information, what is conveyed subtly via inner mudras and bhava is where the true work lies. One should reach an accord with the Guru whereby the transference of the real information takes place. This is more profound than any question and/or answer that can be provided with words. The Guru is the Bhava, the Ishta, and the timeless Vira....I bow to That.

Vira sadhana is the spiritual discipline of the hero. Many assume that the sadhana is referred to in this way because it is fast and dangerous, and while there are certainly many challenges, without the vira bhava, it is not vira sadhana. The bhava of the vira makes it vira sadhana both in terms of perspective (which is large) and the uncompromising intensity which is invoked. To one with vira bhava, vira sadhana is no problem, nor are any of the challenges that arise. "I will bear anything for love, and there is nowhere that I will not go". The Vira is perpetually tenacious, persistent, and vigilant to such a degree that the subtle embodying elements of the perfected state must respond. Belief is for believers, while conviction springs forth from the unbreakable Will which accepts neither defeat nor compromise. Jai Ho!

Regard these people who are stuck in a cycle of ignorance and suffering. They don't know any better and yet at the heart they are consciousness itself. Regard yourself; refuse to compromise your highest wisdom; refuse to just move along with the typical current; refuse to be ignored by the universe. Become a thorn in the side of Reality until it reveals itself, and refuse to accept less than everything; refuse to give less than everything. Refuse the suffering of others. Are you willing to bear the blue throat by drinking the poison and offering the nectar? Are you willing to drink the blood of the demon and bear the skulls? It is a big responsibility. Where are the heroes? Step up! Quit wasting will be wasting you. Enough! Let the sentiment build into a scream which shakes the fabric of manifest existence. Enough! Roar back and let the universe shake.

I bow to the heart of the Vira!