Join us Online for Satsang

Satsang is a time when people can put aside their worries and the various masks of navigating society, and sit in openness. It is a time to explore the deep questions of our heart, and to take inspiration from others doing the same. Guruji will be leading the satsang and will be presenting topics of consideration while also answering any questions that arise. Everyone is welcome to attend and these online satsangs present a unique opportunity to connect regardless of one’s location in the world. One is not required to have any prior contact with Guruji or this particular path, however a basic understanding of wisdom traditions and its terms would be useful. Guruji will be speaking and presenting in English. Each satsang will conclude with a 10 minute compassion meditation where we’ll collectively let the highest aspiration of our hearts shine upon the universe and all beings.

How it works:

1. Monthly satsangs with Guruji will be held online via Zoom which can be downloaded to one’s computer or phone.

2. Click the paypal link at the bottom of this page to register for the next meeting.

3. One can either leave their email in the comment section while using paypal or afterward inform Aadya at of one’s email contact.

4. If one has any question or topic of interest, then email it prior to the scheduled satsang and it may be addressed by Guruji. One can email their questions to and put “Satsang” as subject.

5. One will be emailed the meeting ID, password, and a link. And at the appointed time join the meeting.

Note: If one has any technical issues which prevents or hampers participation, then let us know and one can attend the next satsang without registration.

Upcoming Satsang: