Ma Bagalamukhi

"There is no liberation without the knowledge of Shakti"
- Niruttara Tantra

The shakti sidhi of Ma Bagalamukhi is the energy that "stops" and the energy that "nails", and these works can be of particular importance to the shamshan sadhak. This Vidya would work not only with the disturbances (ignorance, attachments, doubts, fears, etc.) within the sadhak, but also against any invasive energies/entities. While the larger view makes no distinction with regard to inner and outer, for the purposes of expedience, it is most instructive to speak in these terms. In some traditions, the sadhak makes a protective circle (kilana) while doing certain works, but others who have confidence in the Vidya of Ma Bagala do not create that space. This is because the particular energies have been assimilated sufficiently to create a "standing current" of protection. The Kaula is always subjugating by the natural expression of one's Being and moving in victory.

Subjugation is of differing sorts, but the Kaula has subjugated the tendencies within that are sometimes called demons. The demons are represented in the great battle that the Goddess has with the forces of ego, ignorance, and attachment (accounts of this battle can be read in the Chandi Path/Durga Saptashati). The victory of the Tantric is the victory of the Goddess, and when that becomes the fabric of the sadhaks being, that aspect of subjugation would express itself on the environment (which becomes a part of the pitha of the Kaula). This form of subjugation would be in service to the highest principles of Truth, and in most regards would not carry any focused intention (i.e. it is spontaneous). Sometimes if there is a very intrusive energy, the tantric will place some intention behind a specific subjugation. In these cases, the energy/entity would get what is coming to it, and there are many stories in Tantric lore (both Kaula and Vajrayana) of the Tantric subjugating an entity that is causing troubles. Yet even in these cases, it usually turns out well for the entity because they are being subjugated by the highest Reality. These energies usually turn into protectors, both of the sadhak and the path.

Unless one is really clear on matters, any work of intentional subjugation would create problems, and for the sadhak who has the highest goals of Realization these acts should be avoided. These works include the trapping of entities, making some person become bound to you, and other works that are for selfish gains. The aspect of "trapping" would be represented in the "Kilaya" siddhi, and before embarking on nailing down any entities, one should put the nail in the ignorance within. The process of the inner Bali offering first stops the ego from hiding (stambhaya), then nails it down (kilaya), and then with the knife of Truth....HUM. A nice offering for Ma...

The aspect of Kilaya (or Kilak) is neither "good" nor "bad", and has many variations within the Tantric path. For some mula mantras, there is a part of the mantra that is the Kilaka, and this would be the quality of the mantra that "nails or pins" the energy to the essence of the sadhak. Sometimes a curse is in the form of a Kilaya, and certain mantras act as the utkilana (removal of the nail/pin). This would be the case for the Durga Shaptashati for example. For Yogis, there are said to be certain blocks within the central pathway which are like metaphysical kilayas, and it is my view that the consciousness itself has a kilak placed on it so that it identifies with the body.

I write on certain aspects that some feel shouldn't be publicly discussed. This is mainly due to the problems of someone misunderstanding something or using some information for their own purposes. In my view, what I say can only be "used" by someone who has done the works (and maybe I turn things in a way that opens up other possibilities for their own work) or as a source of interest/inspiration to begin the Tantric process. Moreover, I feel strongly that there is a misconception that Tantra is all about some secret or another. Many feel that if they just get some "secret" mantra or a "secret" sadhana that then they will be all right. A sadhak is successful on the path by doing the works that are given and being consistent in their sadhana. It is through doing the works that any "secret" would even be applicable or usable. A Tantric could tell someone the whole process of how to trap an entity, and it would not matter. It would take about five years of real sadhana to get any power to nail, and one would have to have the subtlety of mind/perception to see/feel the various aspects of the process.

There is a book about a British lady who became a Tibetan Buddhist monk and became a Vajrayana sadhak (the book is called Cave in the Snow), and she was kind of annoyed that she was not getting the real esoteric teachings. She had befriended some wandering Yogis and expressed her frustration to them. They asked her what she had learned and what sadhanas she had gotten. She told them and they said "well, that is exactly the sadhanas that we have, and the only difference is that we actually practice them with full attention" (paraphrasing, not a direct quote from the book).

Tame Pashus and Subjugate Demons,
Jai Ma!