“Entering into relation with the teacher is how one enters the path and it is in the alchemy of this heart relation that the true communication takes place.” (Shiva Kaal Ugranand)

There are different ways of involvement with Sri Shiva Kaal Ugranand and this path, but the fundamental way of entry is initiation. Initiation is the process whereby the Guru directly transmits awareness and shakti, and where the subtle connection and seeds of work together begins. This initial encounter serves to establish all future work together, and is a prerequisite for future initiations and instruction. The particular path one follows depends upon individual inclination and resonance. The process of entering into a full tantric sadhana is divided into three initiations, after which there is an organic process of introducing other elements and vidyas to students.
  1. The initial initiation encounter takes place over a day and a half and allows for teacher and student to establish a connection. There will be a subtle introduction to non-dual awareness, a mantra diksha, and general instruction. This form of initiation is accessible to anyone who desires to enter a relation with Sri Shiva Kaal Ugranand, and there is no commitment in terms of sadhana. Sri Shiva Kaal Ugranand says, “For many, just the heart connection with the Guru is enough, it is called the effortless path because just in surrendering into the love and reaching subtle accord everything is accomplished.” So for some, this will be the only form of initiation required, and one may rest and grow in the simplicity and directness of that relation.

  2. For those wishing and inclined to enter deeper into a Tantric sadhana, there will be a minimum of a one year period of engaging after the initial initiation as well as minimum sadhana requirements too. The period of wait is important because it gives one an opportunity to deepen the connection with Sri Shiva Kaal Ugranand , work with the diksha mantra and teachings. This all will make ready the student to proceed in the proper manner. Moreover, this period will also serve to make certain that a student feels resonant both with teacher and path, and has the commitment, dedication, and persistence that is required. This is a three day program where one receives further mantra diksha, the elements that form a complete sadhana, and deeper subtle transmitions.

  3. Those who have consistently done sadhana for a minimum of a year and who have completed a given minimum of mantra within the sadhana can take further initiation. During this process, deeper and more advanced aspects of the work will be given, the pitha within the sadhana will be enriched, and one will be initiated into the Kaula ritual. After this level of initiation, one is beginning to move as a tantric/Kaula sadhak. After this point, other vidyas, mantras, sadhanas etc. will be communicated outside of any system and in accord with the relationship established.
Sri Shiva Kaal Ugranand method of working with students is both direct and powerfully transformational. He offers several programs through out the year, both within the United States and abroad. Those interested can check the schedule page and/or contact Aadya ( for questions or more details.