Sri Shiva Kaal Ugranand

Sri Shiva Kaal Ugranand is a Kaula tantric master who communicates the essence of non-dual realization and the integrated energetic expression of it.   His work with students is based on heart connection and direct transmition, and emphasizes the importance of compassion in the understanding  of Shiva and Shakti.

Guruji’s path began before any conception of spirituality or religion, and sprung from spontaneous inquiry. He realized the true nature of reality at the age of five when questions arose and opened up.  He says, “As a young child several matters seemed perplexing and I looked into them with tremendous focus.  It seemed odd that one minute I was not, but then I was, and thus being I saw also that there were infinite potentials, so even the particular forms were a bit of a mystery.  Having seen through the individual existence, the awareness became like the entire Universe, and from the perspective the inquiry continued until the primordial unmanifest state was realized. I discovered myself as both everything and nothing.”

The awakening as a child served as the spacious backdrop of the normal life of growing and education, until it was re-awakened and came to the fore at the age of seventeen. The spark came when Guruji read a line from the words of the South Indian Sage Ramana Maharshi. “It was a whole book that I bought, but I only read one line, and the whole ground disappeared, it was like remembering something that couldn’t be forgotten. It is so close though that people miss it.” Guruji felt that something in the essence of Ramana Maharshi was communicated at that time also, so there is a special place in his heart for this great master.

After the awakening as a teen, there were several years of deepening and assimilating this knowledge. “While realization is always sudden and timeless, there is still a manifest expression which gradually assimilates wisdom into a life stream.”  Guruji found resonance with the non-dual teachings of several traditions particularly Advaita Vedanta, Dzogchen, Mahamudra, and Zen, and later sat with different masters who expressed those views. During this period, Guruji also began to explore the subtle aspects of energy and bringing it into accord with wisdom. He received initiation in Raja/Kriya Yoga from the line of the great master Lahiri Mahasaya and worked to master the follow of energy and deepen sensitivity and perception.

While Guruji had sat with many teachers, he never felt that he met a heart guru until meeting an American teacher who represented an Indian lineage. “Two events happened close to each other, first I was just sitting and resting in Being, when suddenly the awareness went so intensely like a vacuum and a scene appeared. There were many people occupying what looked like a square, but like an arrow the attention flew by them until it came to a blue man wearing a crown and beautiful jewelry. As the attention reached, he began to give a ‘namaste’ gesture and a slight bow, and when he did this, the awareness completely merged with him. And then a short time after this, I met this lady of substance, who I realized at once was my Guru.” This teacher encouraged Guruji to come to India, and at twenty-two, he made his first trip.

Once in India, many insights opened up to Guruji, and various devatas would come with such intensity and resonance. This was surprising to him because he never had much interest in them, and had always just dealt with reality in a raw way. When the first experience arose in America, Guruji had to search out who it was because he wasn’t even very familiar with the forms. But he later realized that the Devatas were the very manifesting aspects and embodied forms of those raw realities and not aspects separate. While he had seen his ultimate nature, once in India, Guruji also saw clearly into the particular life stream (past and current incarnation) which gave tremendous insight, clarity, and confidence regarding the life mission. Sitting in the love and grace of Guru’s presence greatly awoken the impulse to dedicate and live for the benefit and enlightenment of all beings. “I would just sit with her and surrender into her heart. I never found the end to the depth of her love. I am ever refining the scope and subtlety of my love in her. While my path clearly was as a tantric, she is ever my root guru, and without her, all that followed would not have been possible.”

Guruji’s interest in visiting sites sacred to Kali Devi led him to West Bengal, and it was here that he met Jagu Baba Aghori who became his Tantric Guru. When first meeting, Baba really liked and respected Guruji and said that he would give him everything.  Even when first sitting, Guruji felt completely comfortable in the world of Tantra and knew instinctively the actions and inner attitudes associated. Guruji took mantra diksha in an unusually way, as when Jagu Baba said he was going to give a mantra, Guruji spoke it out without having it whispered or told.   Guruji began the work at the highest levels, and completely dedicated his life and time to reaching an accord with it.  He would spend time in India each year before returning to his place and deepening the sadhana. “Jagu Baba Aghori is a great and powerful being who conducts himself with the highest integrity.  He lives in a very simple mud dwelling next to a cremation ground and only concerns himself with sadhana.  He is completely humble and does not look for any attention, but the intensity and depth of his being comes out during sadhana.” The works given to Guruji were in the Aghora Vidya and included Kaula rituals, which meant that it was a very intense path. “I was so wholly into the sadhana that any challenges that arose hardly mattered. I’d do so many of the mula mantras most with kumbhak, and would do the kaula ritual daily, and this was from the start. Because I was so bold, but in terms of action and attitude, many terrible energies presented and several tests, but since I was ever persistent, those same energies became protectors and subservient.” Guruji completed shamshan sadhanas, purushcharanas, and the works of the Aghora vidya within a short period. He gained an integrity (siddhi) of the Ishta Devata and became a Kaula master. “While the moments of great revelation and emotion are inspiring, what dictates success in the path is consistency and persistence. So many transformations, in many ways the more solid and lasting of them, arise like a flower blooming. These are hardly even noticed at the time, but in retrospect are unmistakable. They don’t make for good ‘stories’, but make for complete confidence.”

After years of sadhana in the Vidya and working under Jagu Baba Aghori’s mentorship, Guruji had only one aspiration which was to learn the vidya of Kamakhya, as this had long been in his heart. Shortly after leaving the company of Jagu Baba for the last time, Guruji met Shri Mahakaal Bhairavanand Saraswati and received this work. For several years Guruji communicated and represented this guru and placed his own perfected works under that banner. After sometime, Guruji felt the certain ways were not resonant with himself and felt that to move as a Guru, he’d need to move with more independence. After completing a major work of Kamakhya at Kamakhya pitha itself, the circumstances arose which severed this association. “I really matured under Bhairavanandji’s direction, he helped bring me to Kamakhya which is my very heart, and pushed me to communicate and share the wisdom. Without this push, I would have not been inclined to interact.” 

Guruji has been working with students since 2009 and feels joy when he can touch an open heart. His style of communicating the wisdom is direct, practical, and skillful. He currently lives in Cleveland Ohio USA, and also spends time in India.

Jai Guruji!