Song of Life
It seems counter intuitive that "some sound" can have profound meaning and revelatory capabilities. After all, there are about 300 billion star systems in this galaxy, with this galaxy being one of the hundreds of billions of galaxies, and scientists seem to more and more suggest that this vast Universe may be one of many. Add to this vastness of space the mind-boggling lengths of Time, and... Read more >>

Ma Bagalamukhi
The shakti sidhi of Ma Bagalamukhi is the energy that "stops" and the energy that "nails", and these works can be of particular importance to the shamshan sadhak. This Vidya would work not only with the disturbances (ignorance, attachments, doubts, fears, etc.) within the sadhak, but also against any invasive energies/entities. While the larger view makes no distinction with regard to inner and outer, for the purposes of expedience, it is... Read more >>

On Aghora and Aghoris
Aghora represents a form of Tantric sadhana where the sadhak strips bear of all personal identity and comes into the confidence of Bhairava. To do this, the sadhak puts everything on the line, and faces directly into the raw aspects of power. This path represents a homa, whereby the sadhak casts himself into the flames, and becomes that fire. There can be no half stepping in this path or this fire will burn. The Aghori disposition... Read more >>

The work and success in Tantric Vidya
The Tantric work is a results oriented path, but one must do the work. It is surprising that many who just want to do "their own thing" often choose to call their spiritual approach tantric. I could think of many other spiritual terms (and indeed no spiritual term seems imperative) which would give greater "freedom" than "tantra". This is because of all paths, tantra is uncompromising about doing the work, and at the tradition level is... Read more >>

The Ground of Tantra
Tantra begins from the non-dual essence and springs forth into manifestation. "Tantra" is often defined as meaning "to weave", and the sadhak weaves the primal reality with the manifest expression of being. Therefore, the Ishta should be viewed as "self", the pitha as one’s space and greater/extended expression/environment, and the mantra is the seed (bija) of that which one "grows" into... Read more >>

Gender in Tantra
Females make for good Tantrics and are naturally suited for the path. This is particularly a true view for Shaktas, as woman are seen as the embodied form of Shakti. The Tantra marga deals with the embodying and interacting qualities of manifest existence, so females can use their strengths and natural tendencies for spiritual "gain". Many spiritual paths endeavor to quell the feminine energies in... Read more >>

Yama's Gate!
The simple wisdom that you will die, when fully taken to heart, can have great impact and import in a persons life and development. The person who are willing to meet Death will become a person of great wisdom and integrity. For those whose passion is for nothing less than complete awakening; Death is a gate which must be walked through... Read more >>

The Tantric Guru
The Guru principle is a great mystery even in many respects from the Guru him/her self. The various texts and tantras that speak of Guru in great terms (many times in greater terms than the Devatas) are speaking about the phenomenon of the "Guru" rather then any "person" as Guru figure. Never the less, there is such a person as Guru, which the sadhak views in the highest terms of... Read more >>

Panchatattva - Karan
The Panchatattva (five elements/principles) ritual is sometimes called Panchamarkara because the elements used in the puja all begin with the letter "M" (in sanskrit). Some suggest that this teaching is only for symbolic purposes, and ONLY represents an inner Yogic function. In this theory, there should not be any literal partaking of... Read more >>

Roots of the Path
In the beginning of ones spiritual journey reflection plays a key role, yet this reflective nature is largely destroyed. This happens because the subtle split is eradicated and one simply "IS" (what they truly are/the Ishta) rather then using awareness to reflect on itself... Read more >>

Vira Bhava
The accomplished Tantric is often said to move on the Viramarga (path of heroes) which requires Vira Bhava (the pure mood/feeling of the hero). There seems to be some confusion about what exactly Vira Bhava is, what it means, and how it manifests. Often, it is associated with fierce and wrathful... Read more >>